Veteran’s Rifle


Every other Friday morning (Resumes October 6, 2023); 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM



The Grand Rapids Rifle and Pistol Club has partnered with the Michigan Veteran Homes at Grand Rapids to provide opportunities for residents to participate in rifle shooting.

  • Distance: 50 feet
  • Equipment: All equipment is provided, including guns, ammunition, targets, shooting rest, and eye/ear protection.
  • Position: Benchrest. Participants in wheelchairs may remain in their chairs while shooting.  
  • Rifle: Bolt-action, .22 caliber target rifle, with 5-round magazine, with scope or laser sight. 
  • Target: NRA Official Smallbore Rifle Target (A-17). Targets must be signed and dated by the competitors. *Shooters whose eyesight and physical ability is so poor that they cannot handle the smallbore rifle target are given a slow fire pistol target to shoot at, with an option to use a laser sight. 


The Grand Rapids Rifle & Pistol Club fully supports the program. There is no cost to participants. Donations to the program are always welcome. 

Course of Fire:


  • Five shots will be permitted for sighting. Adjustments to the sights can be made as needed. 


  • Ten shots will be fired, one in each individual bull.  The participant with the most 10s will get $1 for each 10 (max of $5). 


  • Ten shots will be fired, one in each individual bull. All participants’ targets will be scored. The scores will be maintained to determine the participant with the Highest Average and Most Improved. The award winners will have their names engraved on a permanent plaque which is currently displayed in the clubhouse. Additionally, hat pin medals will be awarded, based on the highest score achieved on an individual target as follows: Gold for a score of 95 + ; Silver for 90 – 94; Bronze for 85 – 89.




May 13, 2019

Jim Jennings October 1, 2021

May 13, 2019 Terry Sanders (L), Stanley Macey (R)