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Range Rules | Grand Rapids Rifle & Pistol Club

Range Rules

Adherence to all range rules and policies is mandatory for everyone’s safety. Violations of any rules or policy determined by range staff may result in loss of range privileges and escort from premises.
1. Use of the range while under the influence of nonprescription drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited.
2. All personal firearms entering the range must remain unloaded and cased or holstered until arriving on the firing line. When leaving, all personal firearms must be unloaded and cased, or holstered if concealed, with a valid carry permit.
3. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times while on the firing line.
4. Firearm muzzles must be pointed down range at all times – never higher than the target frame.
5. Only one loaded firearm is allowed at a time on the firing line
6. No firearms will be handled away from the benches behind the firing line.
7. Cross lane firing is prohibited.
8. Shooters will wait for permission from the Range Officer before handling their firearms.
9. Shooters will wait for permission from Range Officer before going forward to change targets.
10. No firearms will be handled while shooters are down range.
11. Empty Chamber Indicators will be inserted in the firearm when placed on bench.
12. All firearms must remain in the assigned lane. Shooters may trade lanes to try other firearms or request permission from the Range Officer to move a firearm.
13. Intentional firing at non-target objects is strictly prohibited.
14. When a Cease Fire is called, open action and remove magazine or open cylinder, insert ECI, place the firearm on the bench and step back. (Any shooter is allowed to call a Cease-Fire for any safety violation.)
15. DO NOT REMOVE JAMMED OR MALFUNCTIONING FIREARMS FROM THE FIRING LINE. Place the firearm on the bench and call the Range Officer.
16. A club member must accompany their guests to the firing line and remain there until the Range Officer is satisfied that the guest is competent to handle the firearm on their own.
17. For those unaccompanied or first time shooters who purchased a one day membership, it is the Range Officers responsibility to ensure the shooter has read and understood the range rules and safety regulations. The Range Officer is also responsible to see that the shooter adheres to those rules and regulations and can handle the firearm in a competent manner.
18. One shooter and coach are permitted per shooting point only.
19. Persons not shooting or coaching must remain in the lounge area.
20. Only one firearm may be uncased on the firing line at one time.
21. Magnum, +P, or heavy loaded ammunition is NOT allowed on the range. (See list of approved ammunition in the lounge.)
22. No smoking is allowed in the facility. We appreciate your cooperation.