General Information


The purpose of the Grand Rapids Rifle & Pistol Club is

  • To encourage organized rifle and pistol shooting.
  • To foster and encourage safe and responsible gun use and ownership through education and otherwise.
  • To provide areas and ranges for the shooting sports.
  • To foster the development of those characteristics of Honesty, Good Fellowship, Self-Discipline, Team Play and Self Reliance which are the essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism.



1331 Nagel Ave SW, Wyoming, MI 49509


50-foot heated indoor range with 12 partitioned firing points. Each firing point has a bench which can be folded down, if desired. Target frames permit targets to be posted at the shooter’s desired height and distance. An air ventilation system continuously brings in fresh air. The range can accommodate air guns, .22LR, and most handgun cartridges. Magnum cartridges, centerfire rifles, and shotguns are prohibited.


The spacious clubhouse has tables and chairs throughout, a kitchenet, and two restrooms. Bottled water and soda are available for purchase at a nominal fee (cash only). Additionally, there is free public Wi-Fi access.


The club has an Orion Scoring System for quick and accurate scoring of air rifle/pistol and smallbore targets. Additionally, the club has eight InBand Electronic Scoring Targets.


Approved Ammunition List


Membership shall be open to all citizens or residents of the United States, who are of good repute, who have never been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor domestic violence, who subscribe to the purposes and objectives of the club, and who meet the specific requirements for the type of membership for which application is made. Please review our Membership page for further details.

Additional Information:

Grand Rapids Rifle & Pistol Club does not sell or rent firearms or ammunition. Targets, safety glasses, and ear protection are available for purchase at a nominal fee (cash only).